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Stable Job But Financially Messed Up

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  • Stable Job But Financially Messed Up

    I came to the Dubai in 2005 up until then everything was fine, or so it seemed. I had just a 2 credit cards and was managing quite well juggling them around, i could even pay their minimums too until i got a new job in 2012. The salary came timely as it does but it never grew, i bought a house through a loan in my country and that is when i started losing the plot. It cost more than i could afford and i ended up creeping into the credit cards for more and to make matters worse had a series of unfortunate events familywise, illnesses, bereavements etc, hit me. I was left where i am now, one bank FGB filed, took me court and i paid the fine. The other 2 havent filed yet but are threatening to i havent paid them in a year, my loan autodeducted should end this November 2017, hopefully i get there but i cant sleep, i am paranoid about being deported for 40 000 aed, Any help on this would be immernsely appreciated. My visa is valid until December 2018 and will be automatically renewed for 3 years.
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