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Using the debt support forum.

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  • Using the debt support forum.

    As someone who has dealt with his fair share of debt, I understand that being in debt can be horrendously difficult! Please use this forum to seek support, and offer it as best you can.

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    I just want to seek some assistance about my account in Dubai Islamic Bank. I received my Salary last 27th March. Everything was deducted due to my over dues. My account was put on hold , they said that once my existing dues are paid they will release my account. Before that someone called me asking me to pay 2050 AED and I did last march 9 as advice by the agent handling my credit card. My salary for March is deposited on my account then full 4500+ from my salary this march 27 was all been taken by the bank due to my overdue nothing left to me to use. Then still my account is on hold. Another money was deposited on my account this march 29 with the amount of 8000 AED. I cannot withdraw anything. I follow up with the collection department office then they said that once the remaining dues of 3600 AED is debited I can use my account and withdraw the remaining money from the last 8000 AED amount that I am supposed to have from my company. All dues was paid last 30th of march and still my account is on hold. The remaining 4200 AED which I was hoping to use for my other financial needs and to support for my family is still on hold. Now due date again for the credit card comes but I cannot pay for it since they have put my account on hold. My mother is under medication which I already told them and I beg from them since last 29th of march to release my account even just put the exact amount that is due at that moment, at least I can use the remaining for my family needs. I am afraid that they will again charge me for late payment. what I was only asking is the remaining amount after all the deduction last March but when I call the Call Center of Dubai Islamic bank they said that it is on hold till April 10. I am the breadwinner in my family and my mother badly needs a medical attention. For the month of March the total amount that was already paid to them is almost 10,000 Dirhams already and till now they are still holding my remaining money.

    I am hoping for your kind assistance regarding this matter. Please advice me what can i do.